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And third leadership CEOs forum

AVIATORS AFRICA has announced its 3rd Leadership CEO’s Forum to be held in October 27th and 28th 2021 with plans to change the narrative on how decision and policy makers conduct aviation business in Africa

The hybrid event which will take place at the Radisson Blu Anchorage Lagos, Nigeria has as its theme Corporate Governance structure: A Pathway to Sustainability in Africa Aviation. It will host leaders and CEOs in both the public and private sectors in African Aviation.

According to the host of the event and Chief Executive of Aviator’s Africa, Toni Ukachukwu, the plan is to get decision makers across Africa together to discuss on the challenges and offer effective solutions that would lead to the sustainability of African aviation.

CEO Aviators Africa, Toni Ukachukwu

Ukachukwu said that the team decided on the theme as there is quite little or no corporate governance structure in African aviation and the event is set to bring it to the fore.

“ Corporate Governance structure is a challenge and we have not been paying it a lot of attention but in our 3rd Leadership CEO’s Forum we intend to hone in on it and get direction. We aim to use our platform to project whatever solutions we come up with. So it’s a platform open for stakeholders especially leaders to discuss the problem and look for a way forward,” he said.

He also stated that without the leadership being involved, it becomes difficult to achieve some of the set out goals for the industry, explaining that policies like SAATM, AfCFTA would not be actualised without the willingness of the political leadership.

On the Aviators Africa Tower Awards, Ukachukwu explained that there are three categories of awards. The first is the changemaker award for individuals, second is for aviation brands and the third is for two individuals (a male and female)who will be inducted into Aviators Africa hall of fame.

Nominations open from the 1st of September on its website and will last for two weeks. After which voting commences

The event will be headlined by the Sec. Gen of AFRAA, Abderahmane Berthe and Sec. Gen of ACI(Africa) Ali Tounsi amongst others.

A changemaker posthumous award for recognition will be given to David Aher, founder Tuscar Aero consulting for his contributions to the development of African Aviation.

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