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The legendary Mi-24P is a well-known worldwide representative of the famous Mi-24s family – symbol of combat effectiveness, reliability and multi-mission capability – has been revived at Rostvertol PJSC premises being a part of Russian Helicopters Holding Company.

The Mi-35P versatile combat helicopter was mass-produced both for the Soviet Army and export supplies. The history of Mi-24/35 type helicopters’ combat application includes more than 30 military conflicts in different parts of the globe. These aircraft have become the first domestically-produced helicopters specially designed for combat actions.

The unique structure and wide-application range have enabled a successful operation of the aircraft various modifications ever since, it also provides for intensive upgrades reviving the helicopter again and again with new levels of technology while maintaining the advantages of the basic version.

The renewed Mi-35P has inherited the reliability, combat effectiveness and survival standards of its predecessor, but with new advantages.

Just like the Mi-24P, the aircraft can be operated as a combat helicopter to destroy tanks and other armoured vehicles, as a troop carrier to airlift eight troopers, as an ambulance to carry two casualties and a medical attendant, and as a cargo carrier to transport cargoes in the cargo cabin (1500 kg) or underslung (2400 kg).

The basic version of the upgraded Mi-35P includes:

  • upgraded surveillance and sighting system with target detection/identification range of up to 10/8 km;
  • new digital integrated flight control system enhancing helicopter controllability and stability and enabling automatic piloting;
  • the modern navigation and electronic indication complex including colour multifunctional displays.

The basic version of the upgraded Mi-35P armament system includes 23-mm movable nose gun mount, S-8 rockets, suspended containers housing 23-mm gun.

Yet the upgraded Mi-35P is provided with a wide range of optional equipment to increase combat mission capability of the aircraft and to meet the requirements of potential customers.

The aircraft can be provided with 9M120-1 Ataka or Vikhr laser-guided missiles, air-to-air missiles, bombing armaments of 500 kg, calibre 122-mm S-13 rockets, and 12, 7-mm heavy machine gun that can be installed in the cargo compartment.


In terms of aircraft equipment, the helicopter can be provided with a laser counter-measure system and VOR/ILS/DME systems.


So in the market of transport-combat helicopters, Russian Helicopters JSC has unveiled the upgraded Mi-35P capable of performing any combat mission subject to the specific requirements and budget of potential customers.


Taking into account that over 250 Mi-24/35 type helicopters are being operated in African countries the promising Mi-35P was demonstrated by Russian Helicopters Holding Company to the potential African partners last October at Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum in Sochi.


The demand for the revived legend has been already proved by the contract on supply of helicopter batch.