Published On: March 9th, 2021By Categories: Feature, New, News1 min read
Dave Williams

There is a real risk that some of the current AOC holders on the Civil Aviation Directorate books will not survive the onslaught of the pandemic and will be wound up. However, during the launch of the Aviation Stakeholders Forum on Apron 3 at Malta International Airport, Captain Charles Pace revealed that there are 13 AOC applications being processed including some very big names in the industry.

The Aviation Stakeholders Forum will be chaired by Ex-EU Commissioner Karmenu Vella, who has been described by Minister Ian Borg during his address at the conference, as one of the best brains in the local aviation field.

The scope of the Aviation Stakeholders Forum is to give a voice to locally based operators as well as those who work in ancillary services. As Karmenu Vella pointed out, the whole idea is to make the Maltese jurisdiction as nimble as possible and thus allow those involved in the industry to flourish. Malta offers one of the most accessible authorities in Europe and this open-door policy, has enabled Transport Malta to attract high-flyers. Just some months ago, Air Atlanta Europe revealed plans to set up an AOC in Malta.