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It’s an instruction that anyone in aviation will know immediately. And it feels like its time for someone to issue the command.

Writing this at a time when the Omicron variant is doing its best to multiply and spread across the world, it feels as if this plane is heading down and everyone on Earth needs to brace for an emergency landing. Whether we crash or not only time will tell. For now, though, lets assume the pilot is fighting for control and hope springs eternal, he/she will be able to pull her out of the dive.

On the understanding that it’s not all doom and gloom let’s look for the positive. This must be what is happening in the business aviation sector. It’s definitely in an upturn with low pre-owned inventory and higher sales of new and second-hand aircraft.

Take into account what US Texas-based, Four Corners Aviation is doing with the ACJ TwoTwenty. Clients can get all the benefits of their own scalable aviation department – crew, operations and supplemental lift. It opens up business aviation to a wider clientele by providing an innovative and packaged solution.

Private aviation offers an incredibly safe way to travel amid health-related concerns. This, plus low interest rates in the US – and it’s great to see this sector on the up!

Still in this sector, I was interested to learn about mobile apps that companies like Blade Urban Air Mobility have introduced to make private jet travel more accessible and affordable. Travelers can now search networks of charter operators to request quotes and book flights online. In fact, Blade allows users to book their seat on a scheduled or charter flight – it’s a convenience world!

Cargo is another sector that has done well and demand is expected to increase to 13.2 percent above 2019 levels for 2022. In fact, late last year, Boeing released its Commercial market outlook and stated Africa needed 250 widebodies including cargo model for air-freight growth. Inside the mag – we have short interview with Boeing managing director Africa and Middle East Randy Heisey. It’s quite interesting. The complete outlook is available on Boeing’s website.

And then the sector where we should see great strides and achievements will be in the electric/hydrogen or innovation area. Driven by the need to reduce carbon emissions here is where it is going to get really exciting 2022 and beyond. So, watch this space! Sustainability and the move towards net zero will be great drivers and I look forward to what is coming.

Lastly mention must be made of the passing of a South African aviation legend and an icon of high-performance aerobatics – Lieut Col Glen Warden who died in an accident in December. Glen ‘Gringo’ Warden had over 14 000 hours and flew the Mirage 111 dubbed ‘Black Widow’ at air shows. He was the Chief Pilot of Comair Airlines. We dedicate space to this man.

Here is hoping that January 2022 will bring a better year for aviation all over the world.

Photo by Johan Van Wambeke on Unsplash

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