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Ed Hirsch – May 30 1930 to August 31 2021

By Joan Chalmers, managing director and Heidi Gibson, editor – World Airnews

Ed was an icon in the Aviation world. I only met him twice, at Aviation Africa in Johannesburg and NBAA in the States. World Airnews and Ed Hirsch go way back and I have many happy memories of our time together.

“He joined the Airnews team late 1988 and soon became not just a business colleague, but a friend who delighted both Tom and I with his love of life which he so readily displayed in his emails, some serious, some thought-provoking, but for the most, an email filled with fun and laughter. It was hard to keep up with him as he dashed around both NBAA and Aviation Africa. His zest for life and his commitment to the aviation world was almost fanatical, he never stopped and even though Tom and I were a good 10 years younger than Ed, a day spent in his company left one exhausted. He was a real asset to World Airnews, marketing the company through the USA, Canada and South America. Ed was also an excellent journalist and covered all aviation events held in the Americas for us.

He was a very special person. He was fun, he was serious, he made you laugh and he made you have deep thoughts. I will miss opening his emails which I looked forward to and received almost daily.” Says Joan

Says Heidi, “I never got a chance to meet Ed in person but I did get a chance to get to know him through his emails and in dealing with prospective clients, bouncing ideas about possible features and – more importantly sharing his contacts with me.

I loved his love of life and could hardly believe his age. I will miss his enthusiasm and love for aviation which was clear from the start. And his daily emails.”

In this dedication to Ed we share with you many memories of happy times.

Ed and his bright red Buick.

He was so proud of his 1965 Buick Skylark Convertible with a 350 V-8 that he bought off the Miami dealer’s showroom, Edelen Buick, back in February of 1965 for $3,450.00 cash. Read his own words of his precious car in the article in World Airnews October mag (place link here).

Ed and his beautiful family

He and Marianne were married for 55 years and have a daughter Caroline and a granddaughter Beatrix. His first meeting with Marianne is typical of the ionic character he was. Read more about this in the World Airnews October magazine. ( place link here)

In his own words

We first met on Ash-Wednesday, February 11th, 1964 when she was 23 and a ticket agent at Lufthansa’s Munich City Office.

I needed to making changes to my flight itinerary. I immediately felt attracted and asked her out for dinner. She miraculously accepted after some hesitation and we had a great dinner and chat. I felt the need to see her again before I would depart back to NYC/USA two days later.

The evening before my departure. I took her to dinner and a nice theater performance with the appropriate title “Take her, she is mine”, a story of a father getting his daughter married.

After the show and during the dinner I said to her straight: “I would like to marry you!”

She was surprised, obviously. I also allowed that she could not possibly answer in the affirmative as she only had met me the evening before. I said: “I only want you to know that I am serious and would be happy to wait for you to make up your mind.” ….

We spent almost two years in courtship, a wonderful time.

Finally, when I noticed another suitor from Caracas who was making efforts to gain her attention, …

…It took me another week cavorting with her and her friends to finally win the support of her very old-fashioned father to agree to a engagement dinner on Easter Sunday. …..

….We got married on September 10th, 1966 with a big and festive wedding in Hamburg with her and my parents and both families.

It’s been heaven on earth since!

And Lastly Advertising is like Show Business – according to Ed

YES! We are in Show Business!

Magazines were created by newspaper publishers when photography became prevalent. To be able to show more pictures magazines were created. Even in this day and age the big leading newspapers, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald, etc. have created big, fat picture magazines loaded with ads.

Magazines are show business! Magazines are popular because they show pictures. Showing pictures is show business. Photos and pictures create “wants”.

Fashion magazines show photos of beautiful ladies in beautiful clothes. Ladies are motivated to buy.

Playboy showed beauties with no clothes. Men are motivated to “buy”!

All humans are motivated by feelings and feelings are created by your sensory perceptions. Just think what feelings of possession the view of a beautiful girl release in boys. If text would be sufficient the words “I am beautiful” written by a love seeking woman would suffice.


Smart advertisers know that and want to show their product. The more opportunity to show their product or service you offer them the happier they are. Trade Shows, air shows, all shows, magazines!

Yes, we are in Show Business! Our aviation magazines provide a good stage to show your product!

Read our tribute to Ed Hirsch in the October Edition of Airnews eMagazine

Should anyone like to make a comment please do so below, and let his memory live on…

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  1. Caryn McDougal 2021-11-22 at 8:08 pm - Reply

    I had the pleasure of working with Ed since January 1993 as his accountant. Of course, we were also friends as knowing Ed for more than ten minutes made you that – a friend. He and Marianne included me and my family in many events; birthday celebrations, friendly gatherings as well as taking us into their home after hurricanes left our home without electricity several times. Their daughter, Caroline and I have a special connection and stay in touch regularly.
    Working with Ed was rewarding and I also enjoyed hearing his stories from his early life. A very interesting, big-hearted man who will be missed by so many!

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