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We are delighted to announce that German delivery drone manufacturer and services provider, WINGCOPTER will headline our heavyweight list of speakers at our mid-year edition of the Drone and Unmanned Aviation Conference,  to be held in Johannesburg at Emperors Palace Convention Centre.

The company has emerged as one of the heroes during the difficult period of COVID-19 pandemic, with its drones traversing vast distances to deliver vaccines and emergency medical supplies in many countries in Africa, including Malawi and Ethiopia.

The company will share its experiences with you at the conferences, and hopefully help regulators and policy makers with the blueprints of how they worked the necessary policy frameworks that allowed for the safe development of the drone space in the country they have operated in.

The Drones and Unmanned Aviation Conference 2021 will explore further the emerging trends and commercial opportunities drones have opened up in various industries that include health, insurance, agriculture, survey and mapping, policing and public safety, wildlife and environmental conservation, transportation; and many more industrial problems that drones have fixed.

You can find more information about the conference on our website here: DRONES AND UNMANNED AVIATION CONFERENCE 2021

The event is for technology enthusiasts interested in exploring the challenge and opportunities presented by drones, and the best ways in which the law and technology can come together for the good cause of revolutionizing industrial operations through disruptive innovation.

Links below for brochure with detailed information about the conference. For your booking, kindly fill out the attached registration form and email to:

We hope to welcome you to the most prestigious drone event this year.

Information about the conference

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