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Wrenelle has over 28 years of work experience in the Aviation and Energy industries and has amassed a unique set of generalist leadership skills,

“Working in the energy and aviation industries provided me with many amazing opportunities. I was privileged to have led multiple enterprises (two with a turnover of +R7bn), implemented massive capital investment programmes within budget & schedule, worked in an international context, successfully navigated a complex global matrix, participated on boards of joint venture companies, managed complex change management programmes and led organisations through periods of intense crisis which required a sensitivity to multiple stakeholders including the media as well as employees.” she says.

“Finding the sweet spot in the nexus between government and industry is the thread that has strung together my various roles in the energy and aviation industries,” Stander says

She has extensive Board experience both as an Executive Director, as well as a Non-Executive Director. Wrenelle served on the Comair Limited Board, a JSE listed Board for 8 years and various Sasol Limited Boards, including international Joint Venture Boards.

It was the complexity of the aviation industry which attracted Wrenelle as a young student almost 29 years ago. Her fascination with the aviation industry started in 1990 when she was doing an MBA at the School of Business, Oxford Polytechnic, in the United Kingdom. She completed her MBA thesis entitled “The impact of deregulation on the European airline industry. She used British Airways Plc as a case study, which subsequently led to an internship at British Airways Plc, in the United Kingdom.

Over the last 28 years she held a range of Executive leadership positions within the South African civil aviation and energy industries:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Comair Limited
  • Managing Director Sasol Gas: Sasol Limited
  • Managing Director: Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company (ATNS)
  • Deputy Chief Executive Officer: South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)
  • Chief Director: Aviation and Maritime Regulation, National Department of Transport (NDOT).

In 2005, Wrenelle was elected to the Executive Committee of the Commercial Air Navigation Service Organisation (CANSO), an international body responsible for promoting and protecting the interests of commercial air navigation service providers, where she worked on a variety of projects intended to improve global air navigation infrastructure and customer service.

She holds an MBA from Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom, as well as a BA (Hons) degree from the University of Cape Town.