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A leading African aviation sales and acquisition company had the rare opportunity of being part of the sale of the oldest Cessna on the South African register. This classic aircraft is a 1946 Cessna 140 bearing the registration of ZS PEJ.  Nigel Forrester representing MONEY AVIATION spoke to World Airnews.

It’s not every day you get involved in the sale of the oldest Cessna on the South African register – let alone get the chance to fly this iconic 1946 single-engine classic aircraft

But this is exactly what happened at Money Aviation and involved the CEO, Nigel Forrester.

“It’s certainly unique in my sales career and the aircraft has an interesting history. It was imported into SA on 16 Jan 2004 and was owned by a Durban enthusiast, Dave Pike, but, with a heavy heart he put it up for sale since it was not being used that much. An engineer and friend of mine Hew Hodgson who lives in Margate maintained the aircraft and made me aware that it was up for sale” said Nigel.

The Cessna 140 is a single-engine, two-seater with conventional landing gear (tailwheel). It’s a light general aviation aircraft and was first produced in 1946 immediately following the end of World War II. The production of this model ended in 1951.

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