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The Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa will from April 1 begin processing and managing SACAA applications on behalf of the industry – for a fee.

This is as a result of the current financial challenges faced by the association and to ensure that it is  less reliant on AAD funding as the main source of income in the future,

The CAASA Board has created the Emergency Financial Recovery and Restructuring Committee to investigate various other initiatives to assist the organisation.

“CAASA will not compile any applications nor write any manuals on behalf the industry but will be responsible for the compliance check and submission of the applications,” said CAASA CEO Leon Dillman.

In short CAASA will provide the following services:

  • Do a quality check on applications received from the Industry.
  • Submit the application to the SACAA.
  • Monitor and manage the progress of the application.
  • Escalate the application if not finalised within the prescribed SACAA service level agreement to senior management and the DCA, if so required.
  • Provide feedback to the applicant on a regular basis.


CAASA will be able to provide statistics to the DCA on the actual overall performance of the SACAA to enable any changes.

“Although this initiative seems to be a win-win for all, we are aware that some of our members are already currently providing a similar service to the Industry. We request these members to contact me directly so that we can explore ways of collaborating, rather than being in competition with each other,” said Dillman.

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