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Rotterdam The Hague Airport, The Netherlands, 7 October– for immediate release

ATR aircraft’s Senior Vice President Flight Safety & Quality Christopher McGregor will be delivering the opening speech for AviAssist’s 8th annual Safety in African Aviation conference on the 19th of November. “Building Back Safely” is the theme of the 2021 broadcasts, which will take place on Friday 19 November and Tuesday 7 December.

“Flight Safety is not only a priority for all aviation professionals but is an enabler for strengthening and improving standards even in the toughest of times,” McGregor emphasized. “In this context the Safety in Africa Aviation conference provides a great opportunity to further share lessons learnt as we continue to shape the future.”

This year’s edition of SIAA is perhaps the most important in the Foundation’s 26-year history. The program developed by the Foundation’s team will focus on what needs to be done to enable the African industry to recover from this crisis of historic proportions from a safety point of view. It is held in association with the Aviation Safety Alliance for Africa (ASAA).

“We are very pleased that Christopher McGregor will open this year’s SIAA on Friday the 19th of November,” said Tom Kok, director of the AviAssist Foundation. “The pandemic poses unique challenges to safety and to the health and wellbeing of passengers and aviation professionals,” Kok said. “At the same time, we cannot lose focus on more traditional risks. The SIAA 2021 program is a blend of the two and will assist in leading the industry through this difficult period. Regional aircraft have been at the forefront of keeping Africa connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. They account for close to 75% of the seats available in Africa. We look forward to hearing Christopher’s insights on safety promotion as we carefully come out of this crisis.”

SIAA 2021 will be held during two afternoons and will offer a mix of live and pre-recorded presentations and panel discussions. Both days, the program will begin at 14:30 Central African Time.

The second broadcast will be on December 7, the day that marks the anniversary of the signing of the Chicago Convention that created the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). On that day, AviAssist joins the African aviation industry in celebrating the importance of safer and greener air transport in connecting countries and supporting growth worldwide.

More details on SIAA are available on the SIAA2021 page at . Tickets are available for US$7 (Early bird) from .

The AviAssist Foundation has been leading, building and supporting aviation safety promotion in African since 1995. AviAssist’s Safety in African Aviation conference provides a neutral ground for competitors and regulators to meet and address safety issues. More at 

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