Published On: October 22nd, 2021By Categories: Feature2.1 min read

Recognising the role aviation has to play in the stimulation of regional economies, executive manager corporate services Airlink Namhla Tshetu described the recent launch of the Luanda and Johannesburg route as strategically important.

He said the company had wanted to launch the route for some time but Covid-19 and the various restrictions had prevented this.

“With the infection rate in both of our countries improving with every day and the pace of vaccinations picking up, the prospects of increased travel, tourism, commerce along with economic recovery and sustainability are becoming a reality”.

He called the new route “a perfect example” of the benefit of air services as an enabler for both countries with different cultures to generate business opportunities and diversify the economies.

“It is one thing offering seats on an aircraft flying between two cities, but to realise their full potential, these flights need to be convenient and affordable to customers. Airlink’s flights on this route will provide greater choice and flexibility to customers needing to travel or wanting to transport goods between our two countries. This will promote competition while reducing the costs of doing business for our customers,” he said.

In the same vein, flights between Luanda and Johannesburg are scheduled specifically to provide convenient onward connections with Airlink to every key market in South Africa and across the Southern African Development Community group of nations.

Airlink now serves more than 45 destinations in 13 African countries, now including Angola and has several partnerships with long-haul operators, which has opened-up worldwide destinations.

Tshetu said customer confidence in international and intra-African travel, which had been severely damaged over the past 19 months is slowly returning.

He said the airline had put in place measures to ensure that flying is safe for all of its customers and employees.

He made reference to the HEPA filters contained in each aircraft and the company’s adherence to the World Health Organisation, International Civil Aviation Organisation, International Air Transport Association recommended measures and standards.

He said all national civil aviation legislation and regulations are also adhered to.

We are also certain that Angolan travellers will appreciate the ease and convenience with which Airlink has made it possible to plan, book and manage flights through our website and by using our recently-launched app.

“Customers are also welcome to book tickets using more traditional methods. Airlink is represented by Gitu Kiame-Viagens and her sales team at their offices in the city and here at the airport,” he said.

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