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“In Vision 2025 we had goals for every year… and we have exceeded what we planned for, after seven years. For instance, the number of international destinations planned for 2025 was 90, but right now we have passed 100. Same with cargo, with passenger, same with fleet. So I think it has been very robust growth, and profitable growth year for us (2018),” he said.

Gebremariam took over the helm in January 2011 and is largely responsible for putting together the company’s Vision 2025 strategy – a vision with a number of goals that sets the way forward. Since its adoption the company has already exceeded its goals and quite simply put – it’s hard to keep up with the milestones, key achievements, accolades and everything that is happening with this airline.

Alemu in part says a lot has to do with the geographic location on the continent – that gives it an added advantage.

“When you consider the East/West routes from China and the Middle East across to America and the North/ South route from Europe to Africa with a lot of Africans wanting to make that overseas trip for leisure – you will see we are ideally located,” and more and more these days for business,” he said.

Some of the recent key achievements include:

•The state-owned carrier has recorded a profit in every year of the plan so far – in contrast to many of its rivals in the region.

•It has registered an average annual growth rate of 25% for the past seven years.

•Last year for the seventh in a row, the airline received the 2018 Best Airline in Africa award from the African Airlines Association (AFRAA)

•The airline acquired 14 new aircraft

•Opened eight new international routes and recorded an increase of up to 10.6 million passenger numbers with more than 18% growth in freight.

•The airlines operating revenue grew by more than 43% and culminated at 89.1 billion Ethiopian birr. Its net profit stood at 6.8 billion birr.

•It received a four star rating by SKY-TRAX, the leading customer service rating organisation in the airline industry.

•It commands the lion’s share of the continent network and boasts a fleet of both Airbus A350 and Boeing 787, it includes a 777 – 300 ER, a 777-200LR a 777-200 freighter and a Bombardier Q-400 double cabin and received its 100th aircraft.

Ethiopian Airlines has established seven business centres including, Ethiopian domestic and regional airlines, Ethiopian international airlines, Ethiopian cargo, Ethiopian maintenance, repair and over-haul or MRO, Ethiopian Aviation Academy, in-flight catering services and the ground services.

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