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ATNS launches SA air traffic safety electronics personnel association

SOUTH AFRICA’S Air Traffic Navigation Services (ATNS) company took advantage of the recent IFATSEA African Region Conference to launch the new South African Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Association (SAATSEPA) which aims to provide a platform for the exchange of experience and technical knowledge to facilitate the provision of engineering support and safety to the Air Traffic Management community.

As is the case with other similar organisations, SAATSEPA will be governed by the International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations.

“SAATSEPA will be a voluntary, independent, non-profit association of individuals exchanging experience and technical knowledge in the provision of engineering support for the Air Traffic Management community,” said SAATSEPA Interim President, Sam Mahlangu when he addressed delegates to the official launch ceremony SAATSEPA, although the first association of its kind in Africa, will be following the global standard in terms of technology and support from other ATSEP associations across the world.

“The specialist role played by ATSEPS in the aviation industry is heavily influenced by systems engineering and safety engineering and the discipline is centered around a spectrum of professional engineers and highly trained technicians,” said Mahlangu.

ATNS is also offering an ATSEP basic training course for ATSEP’s engineering support staff who are new to the aviation industry including all Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) personnel who are required to undertake operational safety related tasks and will provide participants with the fundamental knowledge of the ANSP environment........................... For the FULL ARTICLE please subscribe to our digital edition.

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