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Race develops for the first SBJ in service

SPIKE AEROSPACE, a Boston-based aerospace company, is challenging the Aerion Corporation, also a US company, to be the first to build and put into service a supersonic business jet.

This emerged recently when Spike Aerospace announced its S- 512, which, it claims, will be the first private supersonic business jet (SSBJ) jet in the world not only to enter service, but also to boast a 360-degree panoramic view passenger cabin instead of traditional windows.

It also claims the aircraft will be able to cross the Atlantic from London to New York in three hours.

Spike Aerospace not only says it will have the first SSBJ, but also that it will be “the fastest private jet in the world, able to overcome all limits.” It seems this will not only include just power and speed, but that the project will also boast an ultra-luxurious interior fitted with huge windows that run along each side of the entire cabin giving passengers a panoramic view of the “outside world” as they travel faster than the speed of sound towards their destination.


Whichever SSBJ enters service first will have an obvious considerable advantage over the other in terms of sales. To date, Spike Aerospace has not announced any sales, whereas Aerion scooped an order for 20 AS-2s at last year’s NBAA conference when it opened its order book for the first time.

The Boston-based company has kept the S-512 pretty much under wraps to date, but has now revealed that the aircraft will have accommodation for up to 20 passengers and is planned to enter service at the end of next year – five years ahead of what has been termed – at least until now – as the first supersonic bizjet, the Aerion AS- 2 (see also Page 10 of this issue for more details on the AS-2).

The private jet is becoming a “must” for businessmen and billionaires around the world.

Even Italy is an area that is gaining ground where one can rent a private jet to travel inside or outside the country. Some companies and luxury properties at the international level have also included them as a plus for their most demanding customers, organising packages with travel in a private jet and accommodation included.

Now, it seems that the Spike Aerospace Group has been employing engineers from major companies like Gulfstream, Eclipse and Airbus who hav been working on the S-512 project for two years. The idea is to create a private jet carrying 20 people that can travel from New York to London in just three hours, or from Los Angeles to Tokyo in eight hours.......................... For the FULL ARTICLE please subscribe to our digital edition.

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