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Garmin introduces the G1000 NXI “The next generation integrated flight deck…”

ALREADY CERTIFIED on King Air 200 aircraft as part of an aftermarket STC upgrade with certification on King Air 300/350 expected soon, Garmin International launched the New Year by announcing its successor to the G1000 integrated flight deck, calling it the G1000 NXi. Boasting a modernized flight display design with significant performance enhancements, the G1000 NXi incorporates innovative capabilities into a state-ofthe- art avionics platform.

Features such as wireless cockpit connectivity, including wireless aviation database updates using Garmin Flight Stream; enhanced situational awareness with SurfaceWatch; visual approaches,map overlay on the HSI and more, are all available with the G1000NXi. Deliveries are expected to begin this month and the G1000NXi will also be found in Cirrus’ new G6 sixth generation SR22 launched last month (see Page 70).


The new system incorporates modern processing power that supports faster map rendering and smoother panning throughout the displays. Saving valuable time in the cockpit, the displays initialise within seconds after start-up, providing immediate access to frequencies, flight plan data and more. The G1000 NXi system also incorporates contemporary animations, modernised design for improved readability and new LED backlighting, offering increased display brightness and clarity, reduced power consumption, as well as improved dimming performance. G1000 NXI FOR


Connext wireless cockpit connectivity unlocks more capabilities from within the G1000 NXi integrated flight deck. Available as an option, Flight Stream 510 enables Database Concierge, the wireless transfer of aviation databases from the Garmin Pilot app on a mobile device to the G1000 NXi system.

Flight Stream 510 also supports two-way flight plan transfer, the sharing of traffic, weather, GPS information, back-up attitude information and more, between the G1000 NXi and compatible mobile devices running Garmin Pilot or Fore- Flight mobile.

Visual approaches integrated within the G1000 NXi system offer pilots safety-enhancing guidance in visual flight conditions based on a three-degree glide slope from the threshold of the runway. Pilots can select the runway for which they have been cleared to land, set customised minimums, select vectors or straight-in for the final approach intercept and fly a visual approach coupled with the autopilot.

By utilizing visual approaches within the G1000 NXi, pilots are provided a more stable decent and precise flight path throughout the approach and landing phases of flight in visual conditions.

Geographical map overlay within the HSI is available on the primary flight display (PFD), which also supports the display of NEXRAD, FIS-B weather, weather radar, SafeTaxi airport diagrams, traffic, terrain and more. For example, pilots can display SafeTaxi on the HSI map while preparing flight plan information on the multi-function display (MFD) or simultaneously display NEXRAD radar and traffic on the HSI map and view a variety of other SiriusXM aviation weather products on the MFD such as lightning, storm cells and more......................... For the FULL ARTICLE please subscribe to our digital edition.

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